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Why do people still think dark/ghost is a good defensive type

#31gamepimp12(Topic Creator)Posted 5/8/2013 8:37:30 AM
Oblivion_Hero posted...
gamepimp12 posted...
Oblivion_Hero posted...
With the right stats and a decent recovery move, it could be a bit like Blissey. If its raw bulk ends up balancing out the lack of resistances, it could work.

You can say that about most Pokemon

Like, I'm just theorymonning here, but if you literally gave a ghost/dark Blissey's stats, it suddenly becomes a hard counter to pretty every offensive special psychic type in the game among other things, which I would see as being pretty special.

Type combos that do not lend themselves to many weaknesses become great defensive types if the pokemon is above average in bulk, which is what dark/ghost would fall into. Reasonably good stat distribution can't make every typing good defensively. The problem is there's competition with things that get above average bulk, and while they may introduce more weaknesses, have more resistances that may complement a team better.

A great defensive Dark/Ghost type would be your catch all Blissey type sponge (especially if it gets a recovery move) that would stand as one of those "check everything on this side" type pokemon and you'll almost never kill it in one shot on its bulkier side, compared to something like a Ferrothorn, where its resistances help add "artificial" bulk to both sides but in exchange there are things that can and will one shot it given the chance.

So a dark/ghost with blissey's stats would be top tier
And a dark/ghost with swampert would suck more than swampert

Your not getting it resistances matter more than lack of weakness
In most cases it's better to have resistances and a obvious weakness than no weakness and no resistances
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#32Oblivion_HeroPosted 5/8/2013 8:55:32 AM
I am just bringing up the point that dark/ghost has the potential to create a good defensive type, not that it is good by default. I'm not sure why you're getting upset over it.

In most cases, yeah, resistances and good stats will be better. But you unlike say, ice/flying or bug/flying, you can make ghost/dark good defensively on a high level without having to give it broken state distriubtion. That's it.
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#33gamepimp12(Topic Creator)Posted 5/8/2013 9:17:47 AM
I'm not upset
I'm just saying no weak isn't that important to a defensive type
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