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Think of a Digimon.

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User Info: MrMaho

3 years ago#31
Flamedramon and Wooper...

I think they would be friends, since Wooper would probably befriend anyone it sees anyway.
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User Info: Cucumberflant

3 years ago#32
Botamon and Togepi?

I could see that happening. Baby digimon, baby pokemon...
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User Info: Zabuzadono

3 years ago#33
Ulforce Veedramon befriended Salamence

Lots of destruction and light blue
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User Info: squidgy617

3 years ago#34
Wait, people are saying you have to not like Digimon to be a "true" Pokemon fan?

That's absurd. Digimon is awesome, and isn't actually ANYTHING like Pokemon when it comes right down to it. Seriously, they're nothing alike. They have -mon at the end. That's about it.

User Info: Probit_Return

3 years ago#35
It's the adventures of Dorugoramon and Espeon! One is a dragon, the other's psychic! Together, they hunt down the secret of the X-Antibody while taking on the gym leaders and discovering their destiny. Oh, and one of them might be a knight.

That sounds like an awesome combo.
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User Info: MegaWentEvil

3 years ago#36
I'll give this a try too.

I thought of Devimon.

And I got Treecko. Treecko? I always thought you were on our side! I thought you were good!

User Info: Warmaximus

3 years ago#37
Metalgarurumon and Klink

Damn. Be kinda cool if they could link up for combo attacks or something. Lock-On + any of Metalgarurumon's attacks just kills everything.

User Info: Sir_Specter

3 years ago#38
I would assume that Devimon has some ulterior motive in befriending a Jumpluff.

User Info: Wstonefi

3 years ago#39
Cyberdramon / Sunfisk buddy cop movie

User Info: TheNoctarius

3 years ago#40

Wow, that'll be some strange adventures for sure.
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