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I don't thrust that sylveon

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3 years ago#1
That thing he is so suspected i mean look at all the other eeveelutions small and black eyes and their bodyshapes all the same dog/cat smooth shaped with a different colour and head.

And this guy a freaking 1,5 times bigger then all the others. Extremly big blue eyes. Some kind of scarf wings en big ears.
i mean it this guy is just a big outcast of the eeveelutions
3 years ago#2
I wonder how long it'll take...
....because shutup.
R - Hyuck hyuck hyuck!
3 years ago#3
Hahaha you said thrust its so funny hahahahaha!!
3 years ago#4
lol thrust
3 years ago#5
Sylveon is not the biggest.

For one, it's the lightest Eeveelution, weighing only 51 pounds.

And at 3'03", it is the same height as Vaporeon as Umbreon.
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