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Pokemon you wish didn't lose their typing from evolution?
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If you were running an organization in Pokemon, what would you do?
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rojse389/22 2:09AM
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What Group of Pokemon would make a good K-Pop Band
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Lend me your opinions! Most Badass Mega Evolution Vol. 2 (Poll)
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JayPro4620379/22 1:06AM
Opinions: Moves you wish a certain pokemon could use?
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TrustyPeaches479/22 1:01AM
ITT: We try to post every pokemon in national dex order. 1 mon.per post
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b619poke1589/22 12:06AM
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Changing IVs with Pokesaves QuestionBoNyKiD0779/21 11:06PM
Will follow me be still in effect if your pokemon fainted?vinhamon49/21 11:01PM
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rmt vgc
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MegaCamerupt259/21 10:39PM
LF:Hidden Ability Nidoran Male/Nidorino/NidokingDillon_lovejoy339/21 10:00PM
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