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On your 10th birthday...

#171tminus31Posted 5/10/2013 5:21:56 AM

Dovie'andi Se Tovya Sagain
#172skyfire777Posted 5/10/2013 5:30:17 AM
if it can be done tomorrow, i wont do it today. unless its gaming related. then it must be done as soon as possible
#173Gobstoppers12Posted 5/10/2013 5:31:45 AM
I got a friggen Vanillite.

My mom must hate me. *Eats his Pokemon.*
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#174kaonohiokalaPosted 5/10/2013 5:35:13 AM

which just so happened to be my favorite Pokemon when I was 10.
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#175MoordenPosted 5/10/2013 5:36:27 AM
My rattata is the top percentage!
#176vogymaanPosted 5/10/2013 5:42:12 AM

It's party time!
#177pokemonfreak97Posted 5/10/2013 5:51:30 AM
Merc123 posted...
Magikarp....the most useless pokemon....guess i would be working towards that evolution!

shinobiRai posted...
.........I got a Magikarp

I ended up with Hoppip... just about as useless.
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#178Xyrus_DarkwillPosted 5/10/2013 5:56:07 AM
Porygon 2. I am actually a 3D animator at the age of 21... how did they know when I was 10??
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#179CherryCrushPosted 5/10/2013 5:57:32 AM

That's a nice start!
#180CakeOfLiesPosted 5/10/2013 6:07:06 AM

I got Blaziken.
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