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What's your favorite Bug-type?

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3 years ago#121

Starts cute, ends up angry-cute, part Electric type(one of my fave types), has Compoundeyes and Thunder.

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3 years ago#122

Also my favorite pokemon.
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3 years ago#123
Volcarona, Yanmega and Galvantula are my top 3. I never really noticed before, but some of the bug types are REALLY cool.
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3 years ago#124
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3 years ago#125
Venomoth, Ariados, and Vespiquen!

Venomoth's beautiful, and I love its cry and moveset.

Ariados is a spider and I love spiders.

And Vespiquen is like the bad*** military weapon of bug types. Tank-like defense (for a bug) and an ability to fire a salvo of bees from its orifices.
3 years ago#126
Venomoth, but because the Bug type is the coolest ever, I have many favorites.
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3 years ago#127
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3 years ago#128
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3 years ago#129
Volcarona, with good old Armaldo bringing up a close second.

Although I have to say that I enjoy the novelty of Masquerain being a typical Bug/Flying type capable of intimidation and firing Ice Beams. Neat design, too.
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3 years ago#130
Venomoth for nastalgia. It took me like two gens to remember it wasnt part psychic type. Which is weird since I conciously thought about its bug/poison typing during that time.
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