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In pokemon X would you give up transfering pokemon from old games for these

#1pokemonzeroPosted 5/10/2013 8:56:04 PM
All gen 1-5 Events run constantly(Wi-Fi)
All other pokemon are avalible
IVs made easier
Stealth Rock nerfed to do 1/8 damage all the time
permaweather changed to lasting 5 turns(more if holding the item to up the amount)

yes or no

Therianreturns This is to see which is more popular and not to be taken too serious.
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#2Thepenguinking2Posted 5/10/2013 8:56:27 PM
Still no.
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#3protobakurionPosted 5/10/2013 8:58:02 PM
Thepenguinking2 posted...
Still no.

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#4FuneralCakePosted 5/10/2013 8:59:45 PM

I always start every game fresh anyway, so I wouldn't care either way.
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#5TIGERJACKS0N-Posted 5/10/2013 9:03:04 PM
FuneralCake posted...

I always start every game fresh anyway, so I wouldn't care either way.

But I care
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#6albinojakoPosted 5/10/2013 10:13:08 PM
I would gladly.

Beyond gladly.

Any day of the freakin' year.
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#7yzmanPosted 5/10/2013 10:20:41 PM
Lose all of my old pokes that I have trained so hard and collected over the years? Absolutely not!

I feel most people would be enraged if they couldn't carry their collection over.
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#8MagikarpRulesPosted 5/10/2013 10:22:01 PM
I would. As long as I can get all the Pokemon somehow that doesn't involve paying for DLC, I'm game.
#9LightningHawk90Posted 5/10/2013 10:22:53 PM
I'd give up transferring pokemon period. Don't even need all these things haha
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#10crunchy612Posted 5/10/2013 10:58:59 PM
They look tempting, but my poke-childhood is much more important to me
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