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I rather have a divine typing then a fairy typing

#21NewMoonShadowPosted 5/12/2013 10:40:11 AM
EmeraldRange posted...
Yes. A "light", "pure" or "divine" type would be a much more appropriate type to add to the game system and I can create reasons why it could very well be divine type instead of fairy. Sylveon if its hue is altered to light blue, looks like a divinely pure thing.

So, if it were light, Light would be strong against ice (ice represents the metaphorically used word "cold" as in harsh and strict) It would also be weak to the poisons of inpurity. According to Pokebeach, it is weak to steel, (weak to sword combats and such), immune to dragon (immune to the dragons of fear) and strong against Dark (duh) and Fighting (physical force (watch Chinse monk fighting movie stuff)) and not very effective against Fire and Psychic as no destructive nor psychic forc can penetrate the pure's mind.

Now that's just reaching far beyond all reason, and this is coming from someone who wants a Light/Fairy/Whatever type.