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Predicted Starter types, and Your Ideal Starter Types

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User Info: Kirazykid

3 years ago#1
What do you think the starter types will wind up being, and what do you wish the starter types will wind up being?

Chespin: Grass/Dark
Froakie: Water/Electric
Fennekin: Fire/Poison

Chespin has his neat little hoodie, which I guess I equate with scrafty's hoodie. Hoodies are worn by thugs! Therefore the little guy should totally be dark.
Froakie would make a boss cloud genie frog guy. He sort of has an electrical look to him too I think.
Fennekin I don't like, but Fire/Poison would be an interesting enough type combination I guess. Maybe give it some poisonous cactus flowers for the later evolutions.

Chespin: Grass
Froakie: Water/Fighting
Fennekin: Fire

Chespin just seems like it has potential to be a variety of types, but I feel like Gamefreak will just kep it pure. I felt the same way about Oshawott, and that just wound up pure.
Froakie's the only one I can really see getting a secondary type, as he needs something to set him apart from the other water frogs. I figure fighting, because gamefreak sure loves their fighting starters.
Fennekin will probably be boringly typed as well, I think. And I don't think that gamefreak will pull another fire/fighting, although I would laugh hysterically if they did.
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User Info: Great_Reapette

3 years ago#2
Chespin: Grass/Psychic
Froakie: Water/Dark
Fennekin: Fire/Fighting

Chespin: Grass
Froakie: Water
Fennekin: Fire/Fighting
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User Info: Kitschgardener

3 years ago#3

I'd be curious to see if GF could make these work on their own, with a movepool more connected to their appearances than to a secondary type. Froakie doesn't really benefit from a second type unless it's Ground or Dragon. More likely though, we'd get a repeat of Gen V with its tiny level-up movepools.


Strict type triangles aren't necessary even if you do have two characters using the unpicked starters - GF even knows that. By the time the starters evolve, you'd probably have other Pokémon by then and there's no real point in using starters against each other.

User Info: jnethery

3 years ago#4
Chespin: Grass/Fighting
Froakie: Water/Psychic
Fennekin: Fire/Dark

Chespin: Grass
Froakie: Water or Water/Ice
Fennekin: Fire, Fire/Ground or Fire/Fighting
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User Info: Finale_Wanderer

3 years ago#5

Fire/Ghost or Fire/Psychic or Fire/Dark

Something about Fennekin screams Spirit-y. I don't know exactly how it'd look if it was any of those three types. I really hope that each of them are paired with a rare and beneficial type that hasn't been done often. If they're introducing new types... then I would like to see them all have that typing with them. Perhaps Water/Sound as it just makes sense as it's a frog, Fire/Fairy out of all the three starters Fennekin looks the most "cutesy", and Grass/Light... solar beam? Light-type makes the most sense for fire and grass. Fire makes light and Grass absorbs light.

Betting on:


It's been a long time since they've all been just a single type, not since 2.
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User Info: Grammar_man

3 years ago#6

Ideal: Fast Grass/Steel
Expect: Pure Grass.


Ideal: Fire/Ice(Essentially, cross the Desert-living Fennec with the Arctic Fox)
Fire/Flying: I can see it's evolutions get bigger and bigger ears, eventually using those to fly.


Ideal: Water/Normal(special sweeper) wtih an emphasis on music(Frog Song).
Expect: Pure Water.

User Info: AmyUnleashed

3 years ago#7
Idealy for me, Based of there designs.

Chespin line - Grass/Dark (Pysical attack based)
Fennekin line - Fire/Psychic (Special attack based)
Froakie line - Water/Fighting (Special attack based)

User Info: MetaDeDeDe

3 years ago#8
Chespin: Grass/Steel
Froakie: Water/Fighting
Fennekin: Fire/Ground

These are the type i hope the starter will for instance i would want Fennekin to be Fire Ground due to only having two weaknesses and considering how frail it will be, a super effective will kill anyways. Froakie being Water Fighting would be a dream. Chespin being Grass/Steel will never happen but at least it will a least weaknesses with that type.


Chespin: Grass
Froakie: Water
Fennekin: Fire/Ground

Chespin since it is a hedgehog will be simply grass and Froakie by it's design will be pure water. However Since Fennekin is based of a Fennek Fow which is a kind of desert of Fox it would be Fire/Ground. Making it Fire/Fighting it just plain wrong. I hope Game freak goes with Fire/Ground for like Fire/Fighting it allow it to take neutral damage for Stealth Rock.

User Info: Frenchy_pants31

3 years ago#9
Well fennekin looks like he's using a psychic type move and look at its head its pretty large probably a large brain.Chespin looks pretty fighty you know so yeah.Froakie looks evil just look at the eyes.Besides this will provide synergy:Chespin strong against Froakie and then to Fennekin so basically Fire>Grass>Water>Fire and Psychic>Fighting>Dark>Psychic
Dont troll us please Gamefreak
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