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You know you suck at Pokemon when...

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3 years ago#11
MajorHoppy posted...
When you use an antidote on a poisoned Pokemon when you're right outside a Pokemon Center.

That's not bad, if you're trying to build friendship it (was) necessary in the past games. You don't want to let it faint, if it happens to be on the last health before you get to the counter and it faints, then tough luck getting your crobat
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3 years ago#12
You use Explosion while facing a Ghost type.
3 years ago#13
you aim for the horn and use Thunder Armor.
3 years ago#14
You lose to a team of NFE Pokemon..With a team of Ubers.
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3 years ago#15
You lose the first battle against your rival.
3 years ago#16
You pack a Politoed or Ninetales without their DW abilities.
3 years ago#17
darkdragongirl posted...
DaemonscharmII posted...
When you cheat in a nuzlocke

People cheat? Why play a Nuzlocke, and put their own spin-rules....should just play Vanilla-Pokémon.

I've kept up with topics and videos where the person blatantly cheated and even admitted to it. Goodbye credibility IMO.

Rather than gameover just go back to last save. Hey I am allowed one revival. Oh look the Pokemon I wanted to encounter in this area.

It's one of the hardest, most fun, and overall best challenges in videogames. I hate it when people don't do it right and still keep going like it's still a challenge.
3 years ago#18
When you use Toxic on a Steel type.

Five times.
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3 years ago#19
When you lose to one sunkern with 6 arceus.
When you fail to catch a pidgey in a master ball.
When you tolerate qwilfish
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3 years ago#20
You know you suck at pokemon when you encounter a random shiny with no pokeballs! :D
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