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Weezing evolution

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User Info: xxxxxn

3 years ago#1
If Gamefreak decided to give Weezing an evolution what would you want it to look like?
What would you like to see a Snorlax evolution look like?

Just curious

User Info: Mudkip43

3 years ago#2
They don't need evolutions.
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User Info: Traptin3days

3 years ago#3
I can imagine the cries
Now let's sacrifice some chickens! :D

User Info: scrappybristol

3 years ago#4
Hakking. Fire/Poison. Levitate.
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User Info: GATTJT

3 years ago#5
From: scrappybristol | #004
Hakking. Dark/Poison. Levitate.


User Info: PsychoWolfX

3 years ago#6
It will evolve into a pack of cigarettes
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