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Yveltal is bigger than Xerneas.

#1scrappybristolPosted 5/14/2013 5:34:18 AM

Xerneas: 9'10" 474 lbs.
Yveltal: 19'00" 447 lbs.
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#2PokemonYoutubePosted 5/14/2013 5:34:49 AM
That's probably its length as opposed to its height.
#3Dark_Link92Posted 5/14/2013 5:35:29 AM
PokemonYoutube posted...
That's probably its length as opposed to its height.

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#4pokemonfreak97Posted 5/14/2013 8:28:20 AM
Snake-like/serpent-like Pokémon (see Rayquaza, Arbok, Furret) are measured by length, not actual height.
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#5HejiruPosted 5/14/2013 8:29:40 AM
That's its wingspan.
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#6SammuthegreatPosted 5/14/2013 8:32:19 AM
Were you not expecting that? I figured Yveltal would be about Lugia's size. I have to say Xerneas is about 3 feet taller than I expected. That's not a bad thing btw.
#7dwdwdw6Posted 5/14/2013 8:38:05 AM
19 feet? Thats crazy. I like it.