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Let's create some Fairy type Pokemon

#21fuzi11(Topic Creator)Posted 5/15/2013 12:26:10 AM
Rethalwolf posted...
fuzi11 posted...
Sandmon, the Sleepbringer Pokemon, Ground/Fairy, ability insomnia, cannot fall asleep. learns sand attack, sleep powder, rest, hypnosis and other sandbased attacks

while I like the concept, no, because "mon".
These aint no digital monsters.
that said, i could see a sand man pokemon... I just wonder what it'd look like. I feel like it might be poison/fairy though.

Now that you say it, in Germany, there are three Pokes ending with mon

Seemon (Seadra)
Flegmon (Slowpoke)
Hundemon (Houndoom)

But in English, there is none. Wow, I didn't notice that.