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How will this game feel when you first play it?

#1deathbycookiesPosted 5/14/2013 6:08:35 PM
maybe its too soon but i alreayd know for a fact this game is gonna be memorable. alot of changes (some bad some good). New graphical style, no grid movement (bye bye ;_; NOT!) I just feel this is gonna play like a totally different game (but hopefully just similar enough that we can call it a pokemon game)
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#2P0k3m0nWaRR10R8Posted 5/14/2013 6:09:41 PM*zz-in-my-pants.gif

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#3scrappybristolPosted 5/14/2013 6:09:43 PM
I imagine its gonna be weird at first.
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#4Mikoto_MisakaPosted 5/14/2013 6:12:11 PM
It is gonna feel different. But its always like that with the next generation of Pokemon. It will an experience that I will never forget.
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#5EpsteinBarrPosted 5/14/2013 6:25:58 PM
I'll probably get bored of it real quick, but keep trucking along anyway.