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Note the difference in the color of the sunglasses!

#1TanyaGDPosted 5/14/2013 8:12:19 PM
In the Pokemon website, when choosing the design for either the boy or girl, when looking at the girl it says "Here is your look if you play as a girl. Note the difference in the color of the sunglasses!"

The boy's sunglasses are black.

The girl's sunglasses are white.

The colors of the Generation 5.

Furthermore, at the top of this same page it says "Your adventure will be largely the same no matter what your choice."

That means there will be a difference, while keeping the experiences the same. Can there be a correlation between the color of their sunglasses and that statement? Hmm? Hmmmmm?
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#2BottledPoePosted 5/14/2013 8:14:21 PM
I dunno about the differences in game play, but I did notice the girl's sunglasses were white, while the girl herself having black accents in her outfit, and opposite for the boy. Black sunglasses with white accents in his outfit.
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#3Thunder_ArmorPosted 5/14/2013 8:15:22 PM
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#4Zero97Posted 5/14/2013 8:16:08 PM
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#5RethalwolfPosted 5/14/2013 8:16:40 PM
When I saw that, I thought they were just pointing out that if you weren't sure, the color of the glasses would tell you what your gender was.
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#6TanyaGD(Topic Creator)Posted 5/14/2013 8:18:34 PM
After reading it again, I think might mean hey look you can change the colors of their sunglasses. But why would they point it out when another little slideshow talks about customization?
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