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how would you feel if they implemented some mystery dungeon "similar" features

#1zombiabsolPosted 5/14/2013 8:15:55 PM
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id feel like thats a good idea
33.33% (3 votes)
id feel like i wouldnt care
11.11% (1 votes)
id feel like i wouldnt want that
55.56% (5 votes)
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Hear me out.
Imagine it being like an extra sidequest type thing like extralink, where you can go by yourself or with 2 other friends, or randoms via wi-fi.

Basically you go into a room or something that's tied in with mystical power or something. Basically, each time you go your enviornment changes to a previous area in pokemon history like viridian forest, stark mountain, some hoenn water routes, or the icy mountain in bw. Each time you enter the area will not be the same one twice in a row, and each time you go in, the pokemon originally found on that route will be there, and a few random pokemon from different gens. Preferably rarer ones. This way your always encountering rarer pokemon that are hard to find. You can also find rare items like the light orb or even treasures to sell.

I thought this would be a cool idea....
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