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This game needs a Hard mode, Lunatic Mode

#1Ku-Ri-BohPosted 5/15/2013 11:35:23 AM
And an unlockable Lunatic+ mode
#2SuikuPosted 5/15/2013 11:36:11 AM
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#3dioxxysPosted 5/15/2013 11:37:08 AM
guess you like fire emblem dont you?

#4Great_ReapettePosted 5/15/2013 11:37:09 AM
ZUN mode
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#5KitschgardenerPosted 5/15/2013 11:37:41 AM
From: Great_Reapette | #004
ZUN mode

It'll drive you to drink.
#6Ku-Ri-Boh(Topic Creator)Posted 5/15/2013 11:38:30 AM
Also, you can't exactly grind too, because in Lunatic mode, wild Pokemon are at very high levels. You can still capture them with some luck and stuff etc
#7DarcKagePosted 5/15/2013 11:39:30 AM
This game needs Cordelia.
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#8Ku-Ri-Boh(Topic Creator)Posted 5/15/2013 11:39:58 AM
dioxxys posted...
guess you like fire emblem dont you?


That's just laughable mode in B2W2. And you can't play it from the beginning
#9Ku-Ri-Boh(Topic Creator)Posted 5/15/2013 11:40:53 AM
DarcKage posted...
This game needs Cordelia.

Without the need for her chest plate. But i guess she'll look good with the yukata costume you can get in game
#10MetaFalconPunchPosted 5/15/2013 11:47:43 AM
Just what would a Lunatic+ Mode have to have to match the sheer WTF of Awakening's Lunatic+.

Enemy Pokemon-only abilities? Every enemy pokemon gets high BP moves like Flamethrower?

Dear god, that would be crazy.
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