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This should be gen 6 anime theme song.

#1Dark_ZoroarkPosted 5/15/2013 6:17:26 PM
Our whole universe was in a hot dense state, then nearly 4,000 billions years ago when Arceus egg... Wait!

The earth began to cool down, Mew were all formed out, Genesect was catching all his preys, (we built a pyramid). Types chart, history unravelling the mysteries all started with Arceus dawn!
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#2ThatKippPosted 5/15/2013 6:18:11 PM
No thx bro
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#3_Super_Shadow_Posted 5/15/2013 6:18:45 PM
Lucina, Newtwo, Ridley, Tom Nook, Bowser Jr, Palutena, Megaman, Lloyd Irving for SSB4
#4Tai_Le_ReePosted 5/15/2013 6:20:15 PM
I was expecting the fairly odd parents theme song, I'm dissapointed
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