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Who is attempting a blind Nuzlocke Challenge?

#1Brandon042487Posted 5/15/2013 8:22:14 PM
Those who like to do Nuzlocke Challenges, anyone going to attempt doing a blind challenge?

Me if I could record my attempt I would, a Blind Wedlocke Challenge using the same rules used by Marriland's HeartGold challenge.

Challenges varients that I know of

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#2Duskull24Posted 5/15/2013 8:23:03 PM
What? Is blind a new status ailment this gen or something?
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#3Brandon042487(Topic Creator)Posted 5/15/2013 8:27:55 PM
What I mean by "Blind" is that tge player does not play throught the game to know where and what Pokemon show up in which routes, not knowing what the gym leaders pokemon will be. Ect,

Essentially doing the challenge without any prior knowledge of the game except what has been promoted and revealed prior to the games release.
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#4WindyligthPosted 5/16/2013 8:56:55 AM
What's Wedlocke?

And yes, I will be doing a visually challenged Nuzlocke.
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#5Brandon042487(Topic Creator)Posted 5/16/2013 9:11:07 AM(edited)
Windyligth posted...
What's Wedlocke?

Wedlocke Challenge:

RULE #1: FAINTED POKEMON ARE DEAD :( When a Pokemon faints, it must be released forever (or boxed permanently). It is considered to be dead.

You can catch or obtain only the first eligible obtainable Pokemon you encounter in any route or area, with exceptions being made based on the Pokemon's gender. Fail to catch it and you get nothing for the area.
• Genderless Pokemon cannot be caught. Ever.
• If you have 1, 3, or 5 Pokemon in your party, you ignore any Pokemon encounters whose gender you have an uneven number of, e.g. if you have just one male Pokemon and two female Pokemon, you cannot catch any more male Pokemon until the count is even again. If you have an even number of each gender, this does not apply.
• "Dupes Clause" is recommended, to add to the uniqueness of each Pokemon. This means you do not count any encounter against any Pokemon whose species you have already caught, which is usually determined by the Poke Ball symbol by their HP bar.

This is to increase the bond between you and your Pokemon. They're not just randoms; they're your friends. Treat them accordingly.

• Only one male and one female can form a pair, and once they do, it lasts until one dies or is released.
• Each Pokemon on your team can battle only alongside its partner, if it has one. Switching Pokemon out in battle is allowed, but ONLY for the Pokemon's partner.
• If a Pokemon dies in battle, its partner must avenge the fallen Pokemon or die along with them; switching to any other Pokemon is forbidden, regardless of circumstance. (In the case of Double or Triple Battles, you may have to make exceptions. Do what feels right.)
• If a Pokemon's partner dies, it can gain a new one that doesn't already have a partner (either from a PC box or a wild Pokemon).

• You must release Pokemon or have them die in battle if you want to withdraw anything in your PC.
• You can freely release your Pokemon (up to you if it counts as a "death" or not), but you will probably feel like a jerk for doing it.
• If you absolutely require HM moves to get through the game, you may temporarily break this rule and deposit a pair of Pokemon in the PC for one or two HM Pokemon; however, they cannot fight or do anything other than use HM moves outside of battle, and should be removed as soon as one of your main Pokemon can use the required HM move.
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#6SammuthegreatPosted 5/16/2013 9:15:38 AM
I'm planning to, yeah.

I'm also planning to go totally dark on new info in the next few weeks, so that the new Pokémon are all a surprise as well. I absolutely do not want to know the full Pokedex before I start playing - it'll be such an awesome experience to encounter new Pokémon I've never even seen before on each route.

It'll be like Red in 1999 all over again :D
#7PirateKing290Posted 5/17/2013 7:17:27 PM
I can ONLY nuzlocke games now :/ Changed my life.
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#8LightningAce11Posted 5/17/2013 7:18:34 PM
Wedlocke is the only type of nuzlocke I attempt these days. Marriland is a genius.
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#9XRamzaXPosted 5/17/2013 7:27:52 PM
Is rule 2 correct? I would think if you have 1 male and 2 female pokemon you would want to catch another male to create a second pair. With how it is states you would have 1 male and 3 female with only one pair until you catch your 5th pokemon.
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#10Brandon042487(Topic Creator)Posted 5/17/2013 8:28:26 PM(edited)
XRamzaX posted...
Is rule 2 correct? I would think if you have 1 male and 2 female pokemon you would want to catch another male to create a second pair. With how it is states you would have 1 male and 3 female with only one pair until you catch your 5th pokemon.

From what I remember from marriland, if you have 3 pokemon, 2 male and 1 female, you are only allowed to catch a male pokemon on your next available chance, and if a female was encountered, you have to flee and till you encounter a pokemon of the required gender.

Here is a video where Marriland explains the Wedlocke rules with better detail.
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