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Anyone else been playing since the beginning and...

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2 years ago#1
still dont know how every type match up works? I've been playing since Red and Blue when I was a kid. Sure, I had a break after GSC and didn't play RSE or DPP until I was an adult, but even so, you would think I have the type matchups down right? Nope. I know most of them. All of the obvious ones and most of the obscure ones. Theres just a few I've never been sure of. Mainly around Bug.

I couldn't tell you what happens if Bug attacks Fighting, Bug attacks Poison, Fighting attacks Bug or Dark attacks Bug. I guess I never used a lot of Bug pokemon...
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2 years ago#2
I do forget every so often, but thanks to the metagame, i tend to remember by Pokemon

Say, i always know Close Combatting a Heracross will do jack, fighting type to Scizor is neutral, etc. But likewise, i strangely can never remember Bug resists Fighting and vice versa. So when discussing about only typings, i tend to make mistakes
2 years ago#3
Super-Effective, I know all. But I do tend to forget what resists what.
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2 years ago#4
For some reason I always forget that bug resists fighting. No joke if you wanna mess me up use a bug pokemon and I will reply with a fighting pokemon every time. -_- Probably cuz it makes no sense to me at all.
2 years ago#5
I used to do some competitive battling back in the HG/SS days, so I had all the type match-ups memorized. I've forgotten a lot of it as of late though, and I'll make mistakes like thinking rock is ineffective against rock when it's actually nuetral. Another mistake I often make is thinking bug is super effective against ghost when it's actually the opposite (it's ineffective).
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(edited by fallenKlNG)
2 years ago#6
Absolutely. I forget Bug too (particularly its relationship with Poison - am I right in saying it's not very effective in both directions, like Fighting?).

I also have to look up Rock quite often, weirdly. And I forget which types are NVE against themselves, and which are neutral.
2 years ago#7
I'm pretty much good with most of the super-effective and resistant type match-ups, but only for single types. Once they get paired with another type, that's when I start forgetting how things work.
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2 years ago#8
More often though I just look up specific Pokémon because I can't be bothered working through which types they're weak to/resistant against. I always had major problems with Steven's Cradily, Armaldo and Claydol in Hoenn - I could never figure out what was good against them. Although that was probably because I was always convinced Claydol had Rock or Steel in there somewhere.
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