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Name your 3 favorite Pokemon from Black and White

#1BrogoatPosted 5/16/2013 10:21:28 AM
Simple, name what your 3 favorite Pokemon were from the Black and White Era.
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#2S1-Winged_AngelPosted 5/16/2013 10:22:38 AM
#3KwonJigglypuffPosted 5/16/2013 10:23:37 AM
Audino, Audinow and Audinoh.
#4Thepenguinking2Posted 5/16/2013 10:43:24 AM(edited)
my top 4 would be lilligant, reshiram, vanilluxe and serperior.
Gen 5 had my personal least favorite pokemon roster though.
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#5patkelly929Posted 5/16/2013 10:25:09 AM
From Unova?

1. Galvantula
2. Whimsicott
3. Golurk
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#6KitschgardenerPosted 5/16/2013 10:25:11 AM
Stunfisk, Eelektross and Volcarona.
#7AysanderPosted 5/16/2013 10:25:15 AM
#8PolimarioPosted 5/16/2013 10:25:35 AM
Genesect, Haxorus, and Krookodile.
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#9Mikoto_MisakaPosted 5/16/2013 10:26:47 AM
Lilligant, Chandelure and Mienfoo
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#10JoJoX200Posted 5/16/2013 10:29:17 AM
Conkeldurr, Bouffalant and Mienshao. There are a lot more, but those are my top faves. Gen5 introduced a whole lot of Pokemon I love, actually.