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Name your 3 favorite Pokemon from Black and White

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3 years ago#31
Official Houndoom of the Pokemon XY boards.
3 years ago#32
Zoroark, Volcarona, and Hydreigon.
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3 years ago#33
Chandelure, Cinccino, and Archeops
3 years ago#34
Hydreigon, Haxorus, and Volcarona

Honorable mention to Braviary, who IMO is the coolest looking normal/flying non-legend bird Pokemon we have yet. I hope Fletchling delivers though.
3 years ago#35
3. Keldeo (Resolute)
2. Shiny Haxorus
1. Gothitelle
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3 years ago#36

They're all really good though. Pokemon-wise Gen V is easily the best. |
3 years ago#37
Unfezant (Female)
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3 years ago#38
Favourite 3? There's only 3 Pokemon I actually like in gen 5:

1. Simisage
2. Braviary
3. Zekrom
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3 years ago#39
Whimsicott, Chandelure, Galvantula
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3 years ago#40
Errr, Bravairy, Gothorita, and Reshiram I guess. I can't remember most of the Gen 5 pokemon off the top of my head.
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