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What if "Fairy" is Sylveon's ability

#21JacornonthecobPosted 5/16/2013 9:56:45 PM
Ugh, I hate these "Here's an admittedly crazy theory, but you can't prove its NOT true" threads that always come out when a big leak is revealed (happened a little while ago on the injustice boards). What's the point? You're just making an ass of yourself. It's not that we think the leak is true because we don't realize that you can make up stuff on the Internet, and we know that its not officially confirmed. It's just that all the evidence points to it being a Fairy type between the credible leaks, the Pokemon Smash, and all the official information we know about Sylveon. Coming up with crazy ideas like "It could be an ability!" or "What if its Wind type instead?" and then claiming "It's just as officially confirmed as Fairy type" is not only stupid and false, but a waste of time. It just makes you look like a four year old who's upset that he's going to be playing with Faries.