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All these topics about how there isn't going to be any hacking...

#1Archwing3441Posted 5/16/2013 11:53:09 PM
makes me wonder what would happen if Game Freak decided to troll the fan base by changing up how EV, IV, breeding, and nature worked? Ignoring the fact that it would probably make it difficult to transfer pokemon (if not impossible), it would totally mess up the competitive pokemon field. No one would know how to optimize stats as long as the 3ds is unhackable (only a matter of time). In fact, would we even be able get accurate base stats? I've always been curious where did we get those numbers >_<
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#2Zacks_FairPosted 5/16/2013 11:59:43 PM
You only really need a rom dump, in order to get base stats, IIRC. 3DS roms already exist out there, this game will be no different. We should find out base stats not too long after its released (or sooner)
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