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i know I just made a breloom topic, but....

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3 years ago#11
Hierarchy225 posted...
lazymaster02 posted...
I know it is, I just hate to keep it from evolving until then. i guess im just picky. ill just suck it up lol

Maybe giving it an eviolite in the meantime might help? Just remember to take it off when it reaches lv 44.

Those totally existed in Soul Silver. #facepalm
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3 years ago#12
Breed Spore into it from a different parent?
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3 years ago#13
this is insane, ive been breeding since i made this topic lol. is a jolly nature with poison heal to much to ask for? and i didnt think spore was move move shroomish can be taught through breeding.
3 years ago#14
An egg can inherit:
Level up moves(from both parents)
TM and egg moves(from father)

So breed a female Breloom/Shroomish with a male Whimsicott or something. Hatch a male shroomish with Spore, replace the original father for faster breeding.

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YancyYancyYancyYancyYancy! <3
3 years ago#15
thank you for the advice :). the sad thing is that i dont have another pokemon to breed it with at the moment. im just breeding a male and female shroomish for the fastest results, i actually hatched a jolly one, i put an everstone on it so i have a higher chance of hatching more jollys, but the jolly shroomish is a female... i dont know why, but im weird when it comes to training pokemon, i like to have all males unless the pokemon actually looks like a female.
3 years ago#16
Took me a week to get my male Poison Heal Adament 31 Speed and Atk IV Breliom.
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3 years ago#17
lol thats what im trying to get, but jolly instead. id be happy with 31 speed and around 20s for atk. this is the first time ive ever actually bred for IVs. i just cant believe its taking this long for a jolly though... this still isnt as bad as my 5 boxes of ralts until i finally got my first adamant one that i wanted lol
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  3. i know I just made a breloom topic, but....

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