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How much longer till Smash starts?

#81Firemaster5Posted 5/19/2013 12:01:01 AM(edited)
Cosplays for tutorial overview.
Seeing from CoroCoro then viewing Smash's footage affects reception I guess. Still recent and diagonal movement was highlighted w/ alternate footage. Too bad the background music couldn't be integrated in w/ it; although, I think hints were after and X/Y's version of the start menu music w/ the Pokémon theme is interlaced in the various footage they've been giving us over the period of official footage covering the game during the pre-release so far.
Oh well.... Still entertaining
Thanks for ProVictini's YT video link (archived footage)! ^__^
Come in w/ low expectations.
If only you were the Mysterious Figure, so you could time-travel back to when this joke was still relevant."~KMAnsem