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get rid of IR only events

#11RX02BansheePosted 5/20/2013 1:50:08 AM
-hotdogturtle-- posted...
ITT: Because you don't have friends, other people shouldn't be allowed to enjoy multiplayer video games.

What arrogant drivel. Most of the things done via IR literally the sort of things that should be single player anyway. I don't see why freaking difficulty settings for example should require another person with the opposite version to access, they should just be in the game.

And for things like trading and battling, the TC isn't asking for them to be removed, and be real, those are the only things in these damn games that are actually multiplier. People shouldn't be locked out of things like a difficulty setting because they don't have anyone with the opposite version around, and saying something like your post in reply to that sort of request is, frankly, arrogant and stupid.
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#12LexifoxPosted 5/20/2013 1:56:31 AM
I'd like to get rid of brick and mortar exclusive events and get more Wi-Fi ones, as well as letting us share Wonder Cards between games, sort of like how Gen 3 let you share the Eon Ticket or whatever.
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