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Tell me, why do you still love Pokemon?

#1BlueGaryOakPosted 5/20/2013 10:51:02 PM

I love Pokémon because it is fun...I might also be addicted.
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#2scrappybristolPosted 5/20/2013 10:54:00 PM
Childhood addiction.
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#3HeyWheresKelPosted 5/20/2013 10:54:04 PM
I don't, but I'm trapped.

Help me
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#4emmjayy2332Posted 5/20/2013 10:54:16 PM
Catching and breeding and battling

wish the rngers and smogon like crap didn't ruin it though, it's fun creating strategies and what not
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#5KeithRob93Posted 5/20/2013 10:55:44 PM
scrappybristol posted...
Childhood addiction.

You would be surprised to how many people don't know what a Pikachu is...
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#6Second_ChancesPosted 5/20/2013 10:58:35 PM
Because it's fun.

Brainwashing from a young age may play a part in it.
#7KeeperOfShadowsPosted 5/20/2013 11:21:48 PM
The fanbase *hysterical laughter*
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#8fahademonPosted 5/20/2013 11:30:38 PM
Because I can.

But seriously,pokemon is my childhood.I could never leave it.Plus I find IV/Shiny Breeding and EV training to be fun.
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#9CucumberflantPosted 5/20/2013 11:41:29 PM
Must... catch... them all...
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#10Noble-HeartPosted 5/20/2013 11:51:58 PM
scrappybristol posted...
Childhood addiction.

It reminds me at a time were I had no worries and responsibilities, unlike today....and also because it's fun.
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