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Favorite Shiny Pokemon?

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User Info: NekoHime64

3 years ago#11
InhaledCorn posted...
NekoHime64 posted...
legendxofxsky posted...
Ditto. Because it heaps your chances of getting a shiny by breeding, which, IMO, you can't ever have too many shinies.

REALLY!? I thought only foreign pokemon affected shiny eggs!!
*runs off to put shiny ditto in daycare*

Someone please confirm this is true!

It's not.

It was that way in Gold/Silver/Crystal due to the way a Shiny Pokemon was determined (it was due to IVs).

The Masuda method is the best one. The Shiny Charm can increase your chances even further.

MAAAN, I have a shiny Umbreon and a shiny Ditto...
*goes off to cry in a corner*
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User Info: trewerd

3 years ago#12
I'm rather fond of the colors for shiny Ponyta (blue flame) and Rapidash (Grey smokey flame)
I like English dubs.
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