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Your reaction is Stealth Rock was "consumed" after 1 use

#1OnioniumPosted 5/22/2013 9:15:35 AM
So your beautiful, childhood friend Charizard is sitting at 50% HP. But now the opponent has to re-apply stealth rock to try to keep their anti-switching momentum going.
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#2SMASHKING84Posted 5/22/2013 9:16:33 AM
maybe but i think it would work better if it was consumed after two uses.
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#3AzurinaiPosted 5/22/2013 9:20:17 AM
Reverse Spikes, using up 1 use and doing less damage per switch up to 3 times in which it disappears and has to be reapplied.
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#4Ku-Ri-BohPosted 5/22/2013 9:28:18 AM
I like the ideas
#5CakeOfLiesPosted 5/22/2013 10:10:53 AM
I think that would be beautiful.
Maybe you could put up multiple layers (up to three) that add more uses.
One layer = one use,
Two layers = three uses,
Three layers = five uses.

That way it's rewarding to use it three times.
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#6BoyOfBattlePosted 5/22/2013 10:14:53 AM
well that's one reasonable-ish way to nerf it i guess. i'd still rather have it max out at 25% damage though
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#7Archwing3441Posted 5/22/2013 10:14:55 AM
wait, why would you send out charizard KNOWING there is one time stealth rock out?
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#8AysanderPosted 5/22/2013 10:18:39 AM
Idk about you guys, but if SR was changed to work like that....

I'd send out an Empoleon to absorb the other player's SR and then lay my own....then roar spam them till I pull out whatever innane flying or fire type they're using (loldragonite)
#9Brandon042487Posted 5/22/2013 10:19:26 AM
I would like that some pokemon would be immune and disperse entry hazards upon entry.

Like Lucario being an "aura" user upon entry can emit so much energy entry hazards are blown away.
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#10BoyOfBattlePosted 5/22/2013 10:19:53 AM
From: Aysander | #008
I'd send out an Empoleon to absorb the other player's SR

that's still a turn wasted though, which is huge in competitive matches
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