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Using a Charizard in battle is usually life or death?

#21evillockePosted 5/23/2013 8:14:58 AM
Chaos_Missile posted...
Hierarchy225 posted...
Something that I've always thought about in the back of my mind.

When a pokemon loses a battle they usually fall unconscious or "faint". But then I think about Charizard and its tail. If the fire on its tail is extinguished it dies. Period.

What happens if a charizard fights in the rain or any pokemon with a water move gets a lucky hit and splashes on the tail? Isn't that a OHK rather than a OHKO?

How do you faint when you're facing with:-
a) an fissure that you fall into before the crevice closes up
b) absolute zero temp with little chance of thawing(speaking of which, does Sheer Cold work on Ice types? How?)
c) Getting drilled in the chest
d) Self-Explanatory:

Where is that pic...
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