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Which Gen has the best Pokemon designs?

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User Info: Aladdin2557

3 years ago#1
This is a very serious poll - Results (510 votes)
26.27% (134 votes)
13.53% (69 votes)
34.51% (176 votes)
7.84% (40 votes)
BW & Pokemon Black 2 & Pokemon White 2
17.84% (91 votes)
This poll is now closed.
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User Info: Great_Reapette

3 years ago#2
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User Info: Xazeal

3 years ago#3
3 > 5 > 1 = 4 = 2

User Info: Anclation

3 years ago#4
3 of my top 10 Pokemon designs are from Gen 5 (Serperior, Volcarona and Reshiram), so Gen 5 gets my vote.
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User Info: CakeOfLies

3 years ago#5
Although Gen II had Scizor and Tyranitar, Gen III had the Hoenn Pokedex.
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User Info: paipr

3 years ago#6
design wise ive enjoyed pokemon from gen 3 and 5 the most. 1 has nastolgia, 4 brought evos to many pokemon i already enjoyed and made them better. and most of the pokes from 2 i dont really like that much (not all but most)
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User Info: zinformant

3 years ago#7
The majority of my favorites are fourth generation, but the third generation as a whole is the best. First and fifth are both extremes; third is nicely in the middle, fourth less so.
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User Info: iKhanic

3 years ago#8
Lol at anyone voting 4 or 5.
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User Info: Mudkip_in_Space

3 years ago#9
Five or Three.
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User Info: chubawake

3 years ago#10
I've always liked III the most, though V was pretty awesome too.

III > V > I = IV > II
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