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My favorite Pokemon is...

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User Info: MagikarpRules

3 years ago#11
My favorites are all Fire types: 'Zard (and don't give me your competitive stuff lecture), Reshiram and Victini.

User Info: tweetyweety

3 years ago#12
Totodile. He's such a peppy little badass!

(And his evolutions too of course, but Totodile is my absolute all-time favorite)

User Info: jonahdoom

3 years ago#13
Shuckle......No joke
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User Info: SgtCashmere

3 years ago#14
ikickyourface posted...

Victini is cute. Approved.

User Info: scrappybristol

3 years ago#15
This sig is significant

User Info: PsychoWolfX

3 years ago#16

User Info: Jimmy_Novak

3 years ago#17

User Info: Ghetsis

3 years ago#18
For those players who don't speak Australian, we have provided an English translation of the previous scene. Do you want to replay the scene?

User Info: Faust_8

3 years ago#19
Dragonite, for being the only almost-legendary Pokemon that is actually gentle instead of filled with rage.

Some people hate him because he's an "orange Barney" but that's actually what sets him apart from the always-vicious Tyranitar/Metagross/Salamence/Hydreigon. He's a powerful Pokemon that looks like you can have FUN with and can trust to watch your kids or whatever.
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User Info: TherianReturns

3 years ago#20
All 649+. Wait that isn't a Pokemon. XD
I am the only true Pokemon fan.
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