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I like how each evil organization represents a different type of real-life group

#11Viridipalm_userPosted 5/24/2013 4:19:51 AM
Estheimaster posted...
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Team Plasma: Animal rights group (Pretty obvious)

Funny how an animal rights group (PETA) attacked Nintendo after this game, right?

We had pirates with Aqua, ninjas with Neo Plasma, and knights with Plasma. I guess it's only logical to say that the next game needs cowboys, aliens, or vampires.

Team Plasma of BW2 are also pirates.Dont you think Aqua and Magma are eco-terrorists? I mean one wants to expand the ocean along with the sea creatures.The ither is same but for land.BW2 Plasma are more like generic villains.Ruling the world.If their are "cryo-terrorists" that might fit.Freezing Unova
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