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I'm gonna miss using my AR on the Pokedex for adventures. (Pokedex rant)

#1gamezrochardPosted 5/24/2013 2:44:11 AM
I have a tendency of using my AR for primarily loading all Pokemon data in at the start. It gives a more realistic feel of my own adventure. Like "We already discovered all the Pokemon, so this is your own adventure, with a 'Pokemon dictionary', have fun". It actually gave me a reason to use it. Look at the route I'm on, see if anything interests me. If not, keep going.

I personally think thats how it SHOULD activate, you know, like, being actually helpful besides being a sticker book for everything I've caught.

I can't fool around with the 3DS though, so that kinda blows. My point is, I hope they do something with the Pokedex this time around. Revamp it for usefulness. I always wanted a Serebii in-game, but they already charged 15 bucks for a stupid "app", so my hopes aren't high.

B/W 2 went in a good direction with the extra feature, you know, where it listed all Pokemon you could catch, and if you've seen/caught them all yet, but it needs more. Opinions. Give me them.
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#2themegaman7Posted 5/24/2013 2:48:33 AM
I like surprises, looking stuff in advance is lame imho.
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