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in regards to Legendary pokemon..

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3 years ago#21
macten5150 posted...
Since before you know it we will have like 50 Legendary pokemon, they won't even be legendary any more.

How about literally just having maybe, ONE or at most TWO legendary pokemon each gen that are EXTREMELY rare to catch and/or you must embark on a long sidequest to obtain? That way people actually feel like they caught a legendary pokemon ya know

Your argument is invalid.

Seriously ONE legendary for each gen, That means Xerneas is on the game cover but the other one shows no pokemon, this is ridiculous.

TWO at the most for each gen, thats still one legendary per game.

How would you feel if you played through out the game without having fun catching legendaries? One masterball One legendary. Where is the fun in catching legendaries?
3 years ago#22
Come on guys, we all know there are less than 50 legends in the real world, having any more than that in Pokémon would be lunacy!
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