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Why do people say Pokemon are bad designs because they are ugly?

#1RoobitysuPosted 5/24/2013 12:51:41 PM
Look through the animal kingdom and I assure you not every animal will be sleek, badass, or cute.

Quite frankly, if there were no Pokemon that I could look at and say "You are one ugly mother****er", it'd be kinda boring. That's why I like Garbodor. Yes, it looks all sorts of repulsive, but it's an exploded trash bag. If Game Freak failed to make an exploded trash bag look all sorts of repulsive, I'd be sorta offended.
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#2zinformantPosted 5/24/2013 12:57:10 PM
Definitely. There are a lot of hideous fish. Look at an insect or microbe to find some hideous creatures. Many female birds have faces only a mother could love. Et cetera...Stunfisk, Gulpin, and Dodrio are like those.
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