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What is the least important base stat?

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User Info: uwnim

3 years ago#21
Can't really pick any of them. Speed important, but how important a point in speed is depends on how many other Pokemon are slower/faster.

Bulk is determined by HP and the defenses. Skarmory has low HP, but its defense stat makes it really bulky physically.
Wobbuffet has bad defenses, but it has a massive HP stat that lets it take attacks. Can't really say any of them are more important.
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User Info: Pinxed

3 years ago#22
I'd say Attack, but mainly because all the abilities and items that affect the attacker require physical contact.

User Info: Luigi player

Luigi player
3 years ago#23
Depends on the Pokemon ... but overall I guess it's sp defense.
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User Info: wolf rider

wolf rider
3 years ago#24
And I thought I was newb at pokemon ...

User Info: SlimeStack

3 years ago#25
Isn't the single most useless stat the attacking stat that you aren't using? Of course this doesn't apply to Pokémon that use mixed sets, but still.

User Info: AceJay1230

3 years ago#26
I'd have to say Speed, since it has become a lot easier to out-maneuver it rather than say your Attacking or Defensive stats.
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User Info: Aqua69696

3 years ago#27
Attack/Special Attack

You only need one.
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User Info: TheJester2

3 years ago#28
Aqua69696 posted...
Attack/Special Attack

You only need one.

Unless you are a mixed sweeper.
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User Info: paipr

3 years ago#29
I put spec,but that's only cause usually it doesn't matter for the way I play. More than that I'd almost say one of the attack stats. But yet again cause of the way I play for me I don't use split attackers so sick ever attack start the poor isn't using is the last needed.
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User Info: themegaman7

3 years ago#30
Attack on a special attacker or Special attack on a physical attacker.
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