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You are forced to use this Pokemon as your starter.

#1IngSlayerPosted 5/27/2013 6:07:54 PM

Tell me how many of your blood vessels burst.
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#2GalladetheGreatPosted 5/27/2013 6:08:35 PM
A little more than 5,000.
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#3Thepenguinking2Posted 5/27/2013 6:10:00 PM
Not buying. Froakie sucks.
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#4caddiwPosted 5/27/2013 6:17:01 PM
I like froakie it will definitely be the starter I choose and after I beat the 1st gym fennekin and chespin will join him.
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#5LightningHawk90Posted 5/27/2013 6:18:12 PM(edited)
Thepenguinking2 posted...
Not buying. Froakie sucks.

Can you just go away? You're ****ing irritating.
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#6Human-BeanPosted 5/27/2013 6:25:24 PM
At least it isn't Charmander.
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#7PsychoWolfXPosted 5/27/2013 6:27:42 PM
That's alright, I'll just trade it for a Fennekin.
#8SgtCashmerePosted 5/27/2013 6:28:50 PM
Why the Froakie hatred? It might turn out to be a wicked Pokemon.
#9GhetsisPosted 5/27/2013 6:33:54 PM
...I was going to use it as my starter, anyway....
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#10pokemonfreak97Posted 5/27/2013 7:23:44 PM
Well, I was picking Froakie already.
nuskooI posted...
You nooblet mainstreamers and your reverse nostalgia.