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What would you think of this idea?

#1K_TailsPosted 6/1/2013 3:02:23 PM
Each of the Elite Four gets 10-15 Pokemon for their types, and you have to face a different random 6 out of the pool of 15 each time you face one of them.

Would make things interesting imo. My friend didn't like the idea though.
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#2BurningFlareXPosted 6/1/2013 3:03:08 PM
Would make the E4 rematches interesting for sure.
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#3mustardpi314Posted 6/1/2013 3:04:12 PM
might be a bit hard to balance and get right but i'd enjoy it.
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#4Dark_Link92Posted 6/1/2013 3:04:57 PM
I would enjoy this. It would be relevant to my interests.
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