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Most badass Pokemon you ever trained

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User Info: Jakistan77

3 years ago#21
I don't know about my most badass ever, but recently, I'd say my lvl 70 Crobat in B2 with Fly, Acrobatics, Poison fang, and Crunch. Lvl 63 by the time i got to the E4 and had pretty much no trouble at all with them at that point.
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User Info: willingmess

3 years ago#22
Scyther in Platinum.

Soloed the elite four at a contemporary level.
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User Info: keyos27

3 years ago#23
Thepenguinking2 posted...
My kabutops.
My team blue:

User Info: Zeko

3 years ago#24
I think I had a level 100 Blissey in many HPs!
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User Info: demonspider1127

3 years ago#25
Mine would be the Latios you catch in Black 2. First PKMN I ever EV trained.

His stats:
Modest nature (strong willed)
Level 100
Hp: 270
Attack: 178
Defense: 188
Sp. Attack: 360
Sp. Defense: 255
Speed: 302

His moves:
Dragon Pulse
Psycho Shift
Dragon Dance

Can anyone recommend good moves to teach him? I want to be able to hit hard with moves of his type (Dragon, Psychic) but also defend/counter against his weaknesses (Dragon, Ice, Bug, Ghost, Dark).
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User Info: iBlackice25

3 years ago#26
Probably my Empoleon from Diamond. Dont remember what level it was though; it had like 3 one hit ko moves though.
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User Info: Misdreavus573

3 years ago#27
My Articuno in SoulSilver. It was something like:


Ice Beam

Even as an Ice/Flying type, this thing was a tank. Even a Rock-type move couldn't OHKO it.

In particular, I remember one battle in Battle Revolution, where my other two Pokemon were both OHKO'd by an Arceus-Dragon. Out comes Articuno, and it single-handedly beats Arceus-Dr, Dialga (who's immune to Toxic), and half a Palkia, just by wearing them down with Ice Beam and Toxic. Judgement, Spacial Rend, Roar of Time took, like, 1/3 of my HP. Articuno just doesn't give a ****.

User Info: RealTides

3 years ago#28


User Info: darkflame_fenix

3 years ago#29
Level 100 Chandelure in black 1.
Energy ball
Flame thrower
Shadow ball

Could single handedly mop the floor with the elite 4.
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