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Qwilfish needs an evo

#1iKhanicPosted 6/6/2013 3:28:00 PM
Right now it's so forgettable. I had completely forgotten it existed until I saw penguinking bring up how much he hates it.
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#2FuneralCakePosted 6/6/2013 3:29:38 PM
It needs an evo, so it will get a prevo. Calling it now. ONE EIGHT HUNDRED
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#3LightningHawk90Posted 6/6/2013 3:30:16 PM
I agree. I'd love a Qwilfish evo.
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#4Thepenguinking2Posted 6/6/2013 3:31:25 PM
I'd actually LIKE qwilfish if it becomes a pre-evo. It'd be a perfect Pre-evo.
But since it's a one stager...
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