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Create a Pokemon and rate the above user's pokemon

#11iKhanic(Topic Creator)Posted 6/8/2013 11:01:41 PM
george15gamer posted...
GameFAQ troll
Type: Normal
Ability: Thick Fat/Stench
HP: 15
Defense 100
Special Attack: 15
Special Defense: 100
Speed: 150
Base: 380

Description: It is often rumored to only come out of it's bridge in times of golden opportunities.

If it's a troll, it must be Fire/Fighting.
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#12Strain42Posted 6/8/2013 11:04:40 PM

A green and yellow flamingo with leaves for wings, and an anglerfish like stem coming from the top of it's head with a mango on the end of it. It often hides in bushes and uses this fruit to lure bug type Pokemon prey.
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