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ITT: we predict which old pokemon will be branded with "Faerie" type

#1deoxxysPosted 6/11/2013 4:59:03 PM
I was going to say Horsea but
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#2GATTJTPosted 6/11/2013 5:00:05 PM

Oh wait...
#3IceDragon77Posted 6/11/2013 5:00:15 PM
Pretty much all of the pink coloured, normal type pokemon.
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#4javel34Posted 6/11/2013 5:00:18 PM
I dont know probably Mantine too
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#5ShariadarowPosted 6/11/2013 5:00:30 PM
These are my guesses from a previous thread, just listing any that I could see it happening to, not necessarily any that I think for sure will. It looks like i was at least correct on the Ralts line so far. Note, I do see the possibility for some dual types to get changed.

Clefairy line(Pure Fairy)
Chansey line(Normal/Fairy perhaps?)
Vulpix line(Fairy/Fire)
Togepi line(replacing Normal for the dual types)
Snubull line(Fairy or Normal/Fairy)
Misdreavus line(Ghost/Fairy)
Plusle and Minun(Electric/Fairy)
Ralts line(Psychic/Fairy)
Whimsicot and Lilligant(Grass/Fairy)
Zorua line(Fairy/Dark)
Azelf, Uxie, Mesprit(Psychic/Fairy)
#6SoleEaterPosted 6/11/2013 5:00:31 PM
We say "fairy" here in America
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#7slothicaPosted 6/11/2013 5:01:33 PM
Well, Azumarill, Ralts and Kirlia, obviously.

I would want to say Jirachi and Celebi but they already have two types.
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#8GoatercyclePosted 6/11/2013 5:03:01 PM

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#9mehmetskiPosted 6/11/2013 5:03:44 PM
why did nobody mention uxie mesprit azelf? they are the most obvious legendaries
#10deoxxys(Topic Creator)Posted 6/11/2013 5:05:30 PM
Shariadarow posted...

thanks :)
"Any Goat on a cliff would tell you that.."
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