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As much as I don't like to complain about Pokemon names...

#1EnzanChaudPosted 6/11/2013 7:39:33 PM
Why Talonflame? Why not something like...Well it has Fletchlings moves I would that means Flame Charge...

How about Talaunch?
#2ShadowSlash17Posted 6/11/2013 7:46:05 PM
I think it's an ok name... Not awesome, but not horrible either...

Btw, your username flooded my brain with with memories of my megaman BN days :)

I found something to keep me busy for a while...
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#3EnzanChaud(Topic Creator)Posted 6/11/2013 7:48:01 PM
Well, I have been around for that long. But love for MMBN is what I like to hear. :D