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Prediction on Sylveon

#1Alias1313Posted 6/11/2013 8:41:30 PM
This will likely be passed off as a random topic that no one pays attention to but in the worst case it can spur dialogue on the topic. This also may have been posted before and if so please feel free to disregard it. I'm predicting the "secret" method of evolution for Eevee>Sylveon will be trading with a pre-existing Fairy type pokemon. Assumingly there will be at least a few natural Fairy type pokemon in X/Y which are easy enough to access so there's no problem there and it doesn't seem too far-fetched(to me anyway). As a bonus, it either encourages the player to buy two games to be able to trade their Eevee or to have a friend with the game to trade with. Please feel free to comment on this theory/suggest new theories/tell me my theory is stupid.
#2mehmetskiPosted 6/11/2013 8:42:51 PM
ah man cant we just pause the "sylveon speculation" topics now for a while? give us a break already