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How'd you guys react when Fairy-type got confirmed?

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User Info: ShiningRegice

3 years ago#111
I was trying to argue against it when it first was thought of, but the idea grew on me.

Now I think, "Neato!"
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User Info: _Sanaki_

3 years ago#112
I didn't find out until I got home I believe. Was honestly surprised. I was hoping for a new type, but I wasn't really expecting one, though I felt like there was justification for it's existence. However, it does have me very happy overall, since it's definitely going to be one of the types I use a lot of in my game.
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User Info: DirtBasedSoap

3 years ago#113
Wasn't really surprised at all. Even before the rumors, I knew they'd make a new type to counter dragon types.
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User Info: GTomahawk

3 years ago#114

User Info: UltimaGamer3000

3 years ago#115
Salamence: AH!!! A Jigglypuff!!! RUN AWAY!!!

User Info: PaperDolphin

3 years ago#116
Well I saw that one coming.
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User Info: Thunder_Armor

3 years ago#117
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User Info: Skozi

3 years ago#118
"YES, NEW TYPE!! wait, fairy, what? what...wait WHAT!?!? WHAT!?!?! WHY!?!?! WHAT, BUT..WHAT!?!?! I mean..WHY!?!?! why...WHY!?!?1 WHY WHY WHY!?!?! WHAT IS THIS!?!!? FAIRY!!! SERIOUSLY!?!?! BUT WHY!!!! should have been light type."

^exact quote^
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User Info: Atalalama

3 years ago#119
Totally not surprised. In fact, I thought it was already a given some months ago? I mean, I remember people raging, and I just slid-in, mentioned a few prominent fey-folk from history/legend (Trolls, Goblins, Elves, & Hobgoblins in general, and Elementals, Barghest, Oberon, Titania, Banshee, and a few others specifically), then slid right back out again to let everyone realize that the fey from legends were some truly bad-*** mother****ers. <- Eyegasm: Xrd
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User Info: meteor6666

3 years ago#120
The first insight on the Fairy Gym Leader.
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