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Predictions for the liony thingy.

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User Info: BrightStar7

3 years ago#11
Agree on the manticore thing. Could be Fire/Poison or Fire/Fairy with a lot of Poison and Dark moves.
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User Info: mehmetski

3 years ago#12
oh id love the hell out of a manticore pokemon

User Info: DarcKage

3 years ago#13
That sounds really good.

His tail does look like a stinger like some manticore designs have. Fire/Poison would be a pretty awesome typing for it.
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User Info: Night_Shade115

3 years ago#14
For some reason I think it's going to keep Fire/Normal and we're all going to hate it.
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User Info: MegaMage3003

3 years ago#15
MyNameIsNotJen posted...


Only Fire/Fairy that needs to exist is Simisear.
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