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What will you evolve Eevee into in this game?

#1iKhanicPosted 6/12/2013 10:54:06 PM
What will you evolve Eevee into in this game? - Results (295 votes)
3.73% (11 votes)
6.44% (19 votes)
7.8% (23 votes)
10.85% (32 votes)
8.81% (26 votes)
5.08% (15 votes)
4.07% (12 votes)
53.22% (157 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I'll either evolve it into an Espeon (my favorite eeveelution), Glaceon (my 2nd favorite), or Sylveon (to try something new)
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#2Thepenguinking2Posted 6/12/2013 10:55:48 PM
Whatever eeveelutions I don't have. So far, I have a glaceon, Vaporeon, Jolteon and soon-to-be shiny umbreon.
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#3JarickoPosted 6/12/2013 10:56:23 PM
I am long overdue for using leafeon so probably that. Its my favorite of the evolutions for eevee and I have not used it since my original 4th gen run.
#4AceJay1230Posted 6/12/2013 10:56:34 PM
Flareon of course :)

(Also the fact that it is the only Eeveelution so far in all of the past 5 Gens I've never used in any of my in-game just sawks so bad though!)
#5ShariadarowPosted 6/12/2013 10:59:21 PM
I picked Umbreon, though that's mainly because I know for certain that it won't have an item requirement, and it's one of my favourites. I plan to get them all though, even Espeon and Flareon. Hopefully Flareon gets some love this time.
#6Rose_MagePosted 6/12/2013 11:05:25 PM
It depends on the selection of Pokemon available for us in the main game. However, I'll surely not use Vaporeon on my team, because I'll pick Froakie as a starter and one Water-type is enough for me.
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#7videogames518Posted 6/12/2013 11:08:38 PM
all of them
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#8IceDragon77Posted 6/12/2013 11:09:17 PM
I'm not using an Eevee. At least not for my in game team.
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#9TheGaijinPosted 6/12/2013 11:10:31 PM
Vaporeon if I have to pick one but I prefer cloning it and make all of them
and I want to try the DragonSlayer one
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#10chubawakePosted 6/12/2013 11:11:15 PM
None of the old ones, so either Sylveon, another new eeveelution (Ground please), or nothing.
But hey, that's just me.