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Your favorite Pokemon of each type

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User Info: Strain42

3 years ago#1
To keep it from being repetitive, would you kindly not re-use Pokemon when they're dual types (like I won't put Haunter for favorite Ghost and favorite Poison) and yes, please include Fairy just because I wanna see where people lie on this (just please, only 100% confirmed Fairies, not rumored Fairies)

Normal - Raticate
Fire - Volcarona
Water - Kingdra
Grass - Tropius
Electric - Rotom
Flying - Honchkrow
Fighting - Scrafty
Psychic - Exeggutor
Dark - Sableye
Steel - Bastiodon
Poison - Trubbish
Ghost - Haunter
Ice - Froslass
Bug - Shedinja
Rock - Sudowoodo
Ground - Krookodile
Dragon - Flygon
Fairy - Furabebe
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User Info: makeyurself

3 years ago#2
Normal - Eevee
Fire - Arcanine
Water - Milotic
Grass - Serperior
Electric - Luxray
Flying - Braviary
Fighting - Lucario
Psychic - Espeon
Dark - Absol/Umbreon (Just can't pick one)
Steel - Metagross
Poison - Bulbasaur
Ghost - Froslass
Ice - Lapras
Bug - Mothim
Rock - Cranidos
Ground - Sandshrew
Dragon - Flygon
Fairy - Gardevoir
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User Info: Two-Face

3 years ago#3
Normal - Snorlax
Fire - Victini
Water - Milotic
Electric - Zebstrika
Grass - Serperior
Ice - Weavile
Fighting - Keldeo
Poison - Crobat
Ground - Krookodile
Flying - Gyarados
Psychic - Mew
Bug - Volcarona
Rock - Aerodactyl
Ghost - Mismagius
Dragon - Salamence
Dark - Sableye
Steel - Jirachi
Fairy - Gardevoir
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User Info: javel34

3 years ago#4
Grass- Sawsbuck
Water- Mantine
Flying- Talonflame looks cool
Fire- Arcanine
Ground- Marowak
Rock- Aerodactyl I guess
Fighting- Hitmonchan
Normal- (excluding sawsbuck) Snorlax
Steel- Magnezone
Psychic- Beheeyem
Electric- Luxray or Electrode
Poison- Arbok
Dragon- Salamence
Fairy- Gardevoir for now
Ghost- Rotom
Ice- Glalie
Dark- Darkrai
Bug- Heracross
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User Info: Lycanvore

3 years ago#5
Normal - Bouffalant
Fire - Ninetales
Water - Kingdra & Gyarados
Grass - Serperior
Electric - Jolteon
Flying - Honchkrow
Fighting - Scrafty
Psychic - Alakazam
Dark - Houndoom
Steel - Bisharp
Poison - Crobat
Ghost - Chandelure
Ice - Weavile
Bug - Volcarona
Rock - Tyranitar
Ground - Garchomp
Dragon - Hydreigon
Fairy - I hate all of them right now, not because I don't like the type, but because they give a certain dragon a much unneeded fifth weakness.

User Info: tuffj68

3 years ago#6
Normal - Regigigas
Fire - Heatran
Water - Empoleon
Grass - Ferrothorn
Electric - Magnezone
Ice - Cloyster
Fighting - Cobalion
Poison - Weezing
Flying - Skarmory
Ground - Steelix
Psychic - Metagross
Bug - Forretress
Rock - Aggron
Ghost - Cof@grigus
Dragon - Druddigon
Dark - Bisharp
Steel - Registeel
Fairy - Too early for me...

User Info: Thepenguinking2

3 years ago#7
Normal - Zangoose
Fire - Typhlosion
Water - Kabutops
Grass - Serperior
Electric - Electivire
Flying - Skarmory
Fighting - Conkeldurr
Psychic - Mew :3
Dark - Weavile
Steel - Skarmory
Poison - I only like 7 of them. Scolipede.
Ghost - Giratina
Ice - Weavile. If that won't count, Vanilluxe.
Bug - Scolipede. If that won't count, Shuckle
Rock - Kabutops. If that won't count, Aggron
Ground - Groudon
Dragon - Giratina. If that won't count, Reshiram.
Fairy - Probopass. Jokes aside, Furabebe.
Legendary - Mew
Starter - Typhlosion
All time - Zangoose.
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User Info: Missingno_Mastr

3 years ago#8
Normal: Helioptile
Fire: Heatmor
Water: Qwilfish
Grass: Victreebel
Electric: Stunfisk
Flying: Golbat
Fighting: Croagunk
Psychic: Wobbuffet
Dark: Drapion
Steel: Klink
Poison: Weezing
Ghost: Haunter
Ice: Cryogonal
Bug: Scolipede
Rock: Roggenrola
Ground: Nidoking
Dragon: Zweilous
Fairy: Sylveon

User Info: Zer0Degreez

3 years ago#9
Normal - Zangoose
Fire - Ninetails
Water - MIlotic
Grass - Sceptile
Electric - Ampharos
Flying - Crobat
Fighting - Mienshao
Psychic - Metagross
Dark - Umbreon
Steel - Bisharp
Poison - Gengar
Ghost - Sableye
Ice - Weavile
Bug - Scizor
Rock - Tyrantar
Ground - Nidoking
Dragon - Kingdra
Fairy - Marill
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User Info: Arcangel22

3 years ago#10
Normal - Snorlax
Fire - Ninetails
Water - Poliwrath
Grass - Breloom
Electric - Emolga
Flying - Pidgeot
Fighting - Blaziken
Psychic - Espeon
Dark - Absol
Steel - Lucario
Poison - Nidoking
Ghost - Shedinja
Ice - Articuno
Bug - Gavantula
Rock - Rhydon (When I was a kid I loved that he could learn Surf. Don't know why, but it was cool. Since then I haven't really been a fan of rock.)
Ground - Excadrill
Dragon - Salamance
Fairy - Gardevoir
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